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Mole Surgery

Moles are common type of growth on skin also called nevi. Adults who have light skin often have more moles up to 10-40, which is normal.

When to seek a doctor?

  • If painful.
  • Itches or burns.
  • Oozes or bleeds.
  • Grows back after having been removed before.

Mole Removal:

You may want to have it removed by your doctor because of cosmetic concerns over face area and to prevent irritation while shaving if moles are located over beard area. Mole removal takes only a short time and done on outpatient basis.

Punch Excision:

In this method doctor marks the area around the mole and cuts the mole with a sharp punch device and closes wound with sutures.


CO2 Laser device is used to cut the moles.


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