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Pigmentation (Melasma/Freckles)

It is an acquired patchy tan brown discoloration seen on face and common among women in reproductive years. Can be seldom seen in males. They appear on forehead, cheeks, upper lip, forehead usually between 20-50 years.

Triggering Factors are:

  • Daily or intermittent sun exposure.
  • Hormonal birth control pills, hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  • Family History.
  • Drugs ( Anti seizure medication).


  • Skin lightening agents like hydroquinone, azelic and glycolic acid, kojic acid tretinoin, soy, arbutin.
  • Regular use of good sunscreen SPF 30+ with both UVA & UVB protection is must.
  • Chemical Peels.
  • Mesotherapy.
  • Laser Photofacial.


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